Typically, this blog gets updates only on Mondays and Fridays (USA time until I’m back in the Middle East), but today’s events in Egypt warrant a brief update.

I’ve written before about how Egypt will have neither a Syrian-style civil war nor a stable government for a long time.  The actions today fit right into the patterns of those two.  Egypt’s clearing of those protest squares was brutal but effective – the protesters either died or went home.  The security forces did the nasty job they were assigned.  There are no signs of them splitting into some kind of Free Egyptian Army.

The Muslim Brotherhood chose to stand its ground, and in some cases use violence, to try to hold the camps.  They lost.

The question now is, will this make the Brotherhood into martyrs for anyone but their shrunken supporter base?  Or will they suddenly become popular again?  Watch Egypt.  This is how societies civilize themselves.


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