Normally we don’t break character too much here, but it’s important to plug oneself every there and again.

I attempted suicide when I was 17. It was a bad idea.  A few years later, I got the same dumb notion into my head, but rather than having a repeat of history, I started writing this book. Seven years later, I’ve bothered to publish it.

As of tomorrow, it’ll be free on Kindle for five days. Please grab a copy and give a review! If you don’t have a Kindle, any Android-enabled device can download the Kindle app. Thanks for the support!

Again, the link is right here!

2 thoughts on “An Atypical Plug (Or: Buy My Book!)

  1. You have a fantastic mind mate. I’ve been in love with your work over the past year. This may not mean much, but to have a being with such a fine intellect and character like yours to be extinguished unfairly would be a great shame. Life is brilliant and you help make mine more interesting by letting me understand geopolitics.

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