How We Got To Brexit

So they went ahead and did it. They were warned; boy, were they warned.  Economist after economist, leaders both near and far, even their own prime minister, all with the same line: to Leave is to suffer.  Upon the eve of the vote, even the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) did not … Continue reading How We Got To Brexit

Brexit or Not, The World Curves Towards Union

Brexit has been a fascinating, uniquely British ride: from David Cameron offering the vote in exchange for reelection in 2015 to the rise of the maddeningly irrational United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the whole process has been full of half-truths, fear-mongering, cultural smears, and, most horrifyingly, assassination. For the people of Britain, Brexit matters: it … Continue reading Brexit or Not, The World Curves Towards Union

Staying Rational in the Wake of Orlando

A highly individualistic culture like the United States lends itself quite readily to bursts of emotion; citizens feel compelled, rightly or wrongly, to show that they feel as much as anyone else, if not more. In the wake of the massacre in Orlando, this pattern reasserts itself once again in America. But succumbing to anger, … Continue reading Staying Rational in the Wake of Orlando

The Geopolitical Argument Against Donald Trump

I have argued in the past that the damage Donald Trump could do is limited: balanced by a vast and enduring American state, every U.S. president, regardless of the strength of their support or the breadth of their mandate, invariably finds their political capital spent.  A could-be President Trump would be no different, and a … Continue reading The Geopolitical Argument Against Donald Trump

The Geopolitics of Women

Mired though she is in e-mail scandal and all the trouble that comes with her last name, Hillary Clinton stands a good shot at becoming the next president of the United States.  The nuclear football representing the ultimate glass ceiling, the U.S. is nevertheless rather behind many other advanced countries when it comes to women … Continue reading The Geopolitics of Women