Book preview! Chapter 9: The Post-America Threat

Chapter 9 preview of The 21st Century Made Super.

Syria’s End Game

(Thrilled to announce that The 21st Century Made Super: How We Can Survive is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  If you're looking to support the work done here, please buy a copy, review it, and share it!  For indie authors looking to find a way, reviews are critical, so every review, regardless of what's in it, … Continue reading Syria’s End Game

Romania Rising: Populism By Different Means

The tale of 2016-17 has been of anti-neoliberal populists hijacking great parties and great states, forcing policy change down the throats of elites who believed they had arrived at a permanent consensus.  They have largely been the harbinger of an uglier form of politics, giving breath to nationalists, racists, and irrational bigotry that are a … Continue reading Romania Rising: Populism By Different Means