The World Without America

(Originally published in July 2013, this piece still feels relevant today as people debate whether the world would be better off, especially given President Trump, absent the United States.  It has been edited to reflect the more formal style the site has taken the past couple of years and includes both parts.  Enjoy!)   Let’s … Continue reading The World Without America

The Middle East in the Age of Trump

  (A billion apologies for the delay!  I'm upstate New York and being near a computer has been a bit difficult.  Also, there's also an issue uploading images, so this update will go without until I can fix that when I return to Brooklyn!) We should of course discount rumors that Trump will be deposed … Continue reading The Middle East in the Age of Trump

If Trump Wins

  Donald Trump is closing in on the American presidency. The man who has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border (and force the Mexican government to pay for it), to somehow or another destroy the Islamic State with one fell swoop, to push Putin back where he belongs, and to rectify the … Continue reading If Trump Wins

What Kurdistan Will Probably Look Like

In my previous post, I posited that Kurdistan as an independent state is inevitable.  There's basically two reasons for that: 1). When regions fall into anarchy, oppressed groups get shots they wouldn't otherwise have As the Middle East slides into a more or less permanent state of chaos, Kurdistan will have a chance in two … Continue reading What Kurdistan Will Probably Look Like

And Now, A Break To North Korea

Just when you thought it was safe to ignore the mad Stalinists of Asia...DUN DUN DUN!  Executions!  Purges!  Is North Korea dying?  (No it's not!)  Let's time travel to 1960 and pretend that the internal wranglings in Pyongyang could suck us into World War III! Of course, it's not all fun and games for those … Continue reading And Now, A Break To North Korea

The How-To of Decolonization

So you wake up one day and you realize something - you're about to be leader of a country.  For a long time, some foreign power's been running the show, but they're about to skip town and leave you to your devices.  Never mind how you got there - your idiosyncratic journey doesn't change the … Continue reading The How-To of Decolonization

A Broken Russia? (Or, Rampant Speculation Is Fun)

In his Next 100 Years, George Friedman predicts a Russia that actively breaks up into separate regions by the end of the 2020s.  It's undeniable that Russia is under strain - demographically less than impressive, geographically quite unwieldy, and politically slipping into the kind of dysfunction that killed the czar and undid the Soviets.  But … Continue reading A Broken Russia? (Or, Rampant Speculation Is Fun)

How To Break A Superpower in Seven Easy Steps

My last post posited on how debt was not going to be the thing that took down the American superpower.  But it did get me thinking - what could?  History's seen several superpowers come and go, starting with the Roman Empire in the ancient days to, most recently, the Soviet Union. How do superpowers fall? … Continue reading How To Break A Superpower in Seven Easy Steps

Trying to Guess the Next Twenty Years

It's fun to predict, even when we're wrong.  So let's predict away!  There's a very real chance of being wrong on specifics, so I'm not about to say "Russia will invade Mexico to secure an orb of power from time-travelers" or anything like that.  But it is possible to use geopolitical principles to guess major trends. … Continue reading Trying to Guess the Next Twenty Years

The Geopolitics of the Apocalypse (American-style)

So you’re down in a parking lot’s lowest level.  You’re all like, “Goddamn this mall’s crowded bullshit weekend sale,” because you’ve been forced into this dank suburban bunker.  Just as you find your car, everything shakes.  The lights go off.  Some parts of the ceiling collapse. You know this can’t possibly be good.  You work … Continue reading The Geopolitics of the Apocalypse (American-style)