The Future of an Unwieldy Iraq

As if Iraq didn't have enough to worry about, now come reports of its once-secured southern regions rumbling with unrest.  From Reuters: Worsening clashes among tribes and a political void is threatening security at oil installations in Iraq’s main southern oil producing region, officials and security sources said. Iraq has concentrated security forces in the … Continue reading The Future of an Unwieldy Iraq

After Mosul Falls, What Then?

There are some 100,000 troops involved in the conquest (or reconquest, depending on your perspective) of Mosul.  On the surface, the battle is meant to restore the Iraqi government to its full writ; a Baghdad-united Shi'a and Sunni realm, a nation-state on the way to functionality.  In other words, a normal country. Ah, dreams. Careful … Continue reading After Mosul Falls, What Then?